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Will They Find Freedom And Find Love Or Servitude And Degradation?

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"The cost, sir?" She mouthed the words numbly, already knowing what was to come

"Don't be stupid," he stretched out his arms. "You think all this is free, eh?"

The irony of his gesturing around the mildewed, 1970's paneled monstrosity that was Minto's office was hardly lost on her. She doubted they'd spent a dime in here in over a decade. Still, it was hardly funny given the scary direction this speech would inevitably go.

"I have overhead," he said, employing one of the stray business terms he'd picked up in correspondence courses. "I must pay insurance, security, personal protection for all of you girls. And a doctor-I must have a doctor standing by. And the payoffs-by the holy saints-I have to grease the wheels of the police and the fire marshal and the police again."

"How much?" asked Daisy, wanting to cut short this slow agony.

Domi quoted a figure ten times higher than what she had in the bank. "Not a penny less," he pounded the desk, shouting at her, "will I take back from you, Daisy Duke."

"Domi, I'll never be able to afford that. I would have to work here two more life times."

He shook his head. "Not here. You don't have even five more minutes here. You want to make me my money? You go onto the street with the other stravegas."

A stravega was an old, dried up whore. She'd heard the man call his grandmother that, when she wasn't listening.

Daisy fought back the tears. "You know I can't make the money out there, either. Not that much."

"Maybe you are right," he acknowledged. "That is why you will get the help of your daughter. She is eighteen is she not?"

Daisy was gripped by a blind terror and the thought of grabbing up her child and flee as far as she could make it on her money. Another part of her wanted to stay and fight. It was a feeling she'd not known since the time when Serene was ten months old and the baby's father had come to the door drunk, threatening to burn the house if she didn't give him money. An aluminum baseball bat had kept him at bay until the cops arrived to impound him and his semi both.

"Sir, for pity's sake," she exclaimed, using the only weapon she had. "You can't suggest such a thing...what will your grandmother say?"

Domi's eyes narrowed. She'd set off one of the man's landmines; usually she was better at avoiding these but under the circumstances she'd had no choice.

"Virosh," he growled.

The man stood instantly, understanding whatever unspoken command lay beneath the surface of his brother's inarticulate anger. Daisy knew she hadn't a chance as soon as Virosh clamped her arm. Whatever he and Domi intended for her, she was not going to be able to fight them off, not with all their hired muscle. Nor would Mick, though she knew he would if he could.

"Bend," spoke the taciturn Virosh, throwing her over the arm of the sofa, ass up. Working his fingers from behind, he opened her shorts and pulled them down. The g-string tore easily in his grip. Daisy prayed it would only be his hand on her behind, but then she heard the whistle of the leather belt.

Compared to Virosh's assault, Jazmeen's self-spanking seemed like a series of love taps. The man was hitting her dead on, intending to both mark and degrade her. She would not sit down easily for some time, and yet she was anticipating the pressure of a hard fucking. Only a few times in her life had she worked up the gumption to ask her lovers to treat her this way and on each occasion the end results had been mind- blowing sex, the best she'd ever experienced.

"You will never again mention my grandmother," said Domi as Virosh continued her whipping

"No, Domi," she moaned. "I won't; I swear it."

"I am an honorable man," he said. "I will spare your daughter, but you must bring me five hundred a night. Every night. And you will carry for me, as well."

Carrying meant drugs, cocaine, crack, and heroin. "Oh, Domi, I'm not sure I can..."

Now Virosh had her by the hips, the force of his cock thrusting into her ass. At once her protests turned into groans. How had this man gotten hard again so fast?

"You belong to us, Daisy Duke," said Dominick. "Forever."

"Yes," she hissed, hating how her body betrayed her this way. "Oh, God, yes...I will...serve you..."

"Cross us, ever, and your daughter will take your place."

"No, I'll never do that," she vowed, thrashing her head. "I'll be loyal."

"You will be a good girl."

Virosh's enormous member showed no mercy. Even so, with all the pressure, she felt the heat, the surging gushing of her pussy...

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