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Officer Tamara Farr was an exceptional police officer for the city of Hidden Valley, a small community east of San Diego. She was a decorated veteran of nine years, street smart and confident in her abilities to handle whatever came her way. She was almost six feet tall, very fit and looked formidable in her uniform with a 9mm strapped to her side. When she faced you, she pointed her lethal pair of 44 magnums at you as well.

When she heard the theme for COPS - Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna to do when they come for you -she knew what they were gonna do when she came for them. They were gonna look at her magnums, drool and quickly find themselves under arrest and sitting in the back of her police car. Yes, with her lethal magnums, she was able to disarm many suspects without a fight. After all, who wouldn't want her to take them to jail? If needed, she could take control of a situation and have a suspect on the ground and handcuffed in a heartbeat.

She enjoyed running on the beaches near San Diego and out on the silver strand. When she ran her blond hair flowed out behind her. Her incredible blue eyes sparked like the sun on the waves and her breasts were nothing less than poetry in motion. People stopped and stared when she ran by. She didn't mind the looks. In fact, she rather enjoyed them. She prided herself on being in great physical shape and condition. Running in the salty ocean breeze kept her mind sharp as well. She was quite the package of physical strength, mental acuity and confidence.

She was a take charge kind of police officer, and that attribute spilled over into her private life. She had been married for eight years to Ted. She loved him dearly and he was her soul mate, but she was definitely the dominant force in the marriage. She was proving it tonight after dinner.

Lying on their king size bed, she was naked except for her dark blue bra. She was enjoying one of her favorite dildos-the seven and half inch long rabbit. "Mmmmmm," she purred as she slowly worked it into her pussy. She had left her bra on because she wanted Ted to be fully focused on her pussy.

Ted was sitting naked in an oak chair with his hands handcuffed behind the back of the chair. His ankles were secured to the legs of the chair with the black stockings she had removed while stripping for him. He was definitely focused on her pussy and the movement of the rabbit in and out of it.

She had her feet on the edge of the bed with her knees spread so he could see everything she was doing. She looked at him as she turned on the switch that made the shaft of the rabbit rotate. "Oh, yeah," she breathed as she enjoyed the motion. She slowly moved it in and out as it stimulated her clit and the lining of her vagina. "Mmmmm."

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