Confessions of a Cunt by Janet S

The More Sex I Have, The More I Want And Need...


The real title of the book, regardless what the cover says, is, Confessions of a Cunt. Most women find the use of the C word abhorrent; I know I did at one time. One cannot read or hear the word without it invoking a strong reaction, mostly negative. Why on earth would I then use it in the title especially when it's used to describe me? Well, simply put, I am a Cunt. I love sex; I need sex; I require sex of all kinds but it wasn't until I met Bob, my oldest and dearest Lover that I really learned the significance and power of the word. Bob describes it this way, "To me 'cunt' describes a woman who loves sex, craves it, and will do whatever it takes to be satisfied much more than your average woman. A 'cunt' has accepted the freedom to go after what she wants and needs. She understands that sex (especially with new people she's never met before) is the greatest feeling on earth and she lives for new incredibly exciting thrills only possible through sex.

Women should be proud of their cunts and use their cunts to get what they crave ... large hard cum-filled cocks. They should be proud of their power. When a man sees an attractive woman, he immediately starts dreaming of her cunt. He can get a good idea of her breasts, and also her ass,but he craves seeing her naked cunt. Most men want cunts more than anything else on earth. You, Janet, have discovered the awesome power of your cunt and you have used it to get what you want. Cunt is good. Cunt is sweet. Cunt is for eating and fucking. You have earned the right and privilege to be called a Cunt with a capital C."

Here is my story.

"I recently re-discovered my diaries. I've always been a prolific writer and keep track of many of my exploits which I am about to share. This will in chronological order of sorts but it is more of a review of sexual encounters that have been pivotal in my life. These events helped shaped my life and sexual character. I always loved sex from an early age. I love it even more now. I love everything about it and have very few taboos as you will soon read. The more sex I have, the more I want and need. I've fucked and sucked many men... many, many, many men and loved every moment. I hope you will too."

Janet S - aka Cunt

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Category:  General Erotica General

Publisher: Burping Frog
Author: Janet S
Book Size: 118 - 231 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2009

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