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No Safeword by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail No Safeword - Added on Mar 07, 2016

Price: £1.99 ($ 2.83)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

There Is No Safeword. You Signed That Away When You...
"My safeword," she said hurriedly. "We forgot to discuss my safeword." "This isn't some amateur scene at a BDSM club. There's no negotiation. There is no safeword. You signed that away when you joined The Enclave."

Jaime Shepard...

A Lover's Call by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail A Lover's Call  -  Price: £1.69 ($ 2.40)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Her World Turns Upside Down When She Answers A Call That Will Forever Change Her Life!
A lonely librarian by day, Rachel becomes Velvet by night, sexually exciting men over the phone. Her world turns upside down when she answers a call that will forever change her life.

Richard is captivated by Velvet's sultry voice. With a natural dominance, he pushes past her silly sex talk, stripping the real woman bare with his dark, sensual perception. Richard takes Rachel deep into the romance of erotic submission. But, is...

A Princely Gift by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail A Princely Gift  -  Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

A Powerful Liaison Of Sexual Exploration And Passion...
Set in Ancient Japan, two young men, separated by the nearly impassable boundaries of class and station, come together in a powerful liaison of sexual exploration and passion. With the delicate restraint of a Japanese ink painting on silk, this is a love story between men who dare to defy convention as they fulfill their romantic destiny.

Previously published in Thunder Mouth Press' Anthology: Zowie! It's Yaoi! © 2006

A Test Of Love - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 2 by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail A Test Of Love - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 2  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

When The Warnings Turn To Violence, Can The Relationship Survive?
When Ryan and Tom reconnect after fourteen years apart, the heat between them is instant. But their fledgling relationship is tested when both receive hate-filled notes, warning each man to stay away from the other. When the warnings turn to violence, can the relationship survive? Though it's been fourteen years, Ryan Kennedy has never quite gotten over Tom Shafer, the college professor he'd fallen hopelessly in love with. Along with a...

Accidental Slave by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Accidental Slave  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Sexy Slave Girl He Bought Has No Clue!
Elizabeth Martin knew the guy she'd beat out of a high-powered job was jealous of her success, but she never dreamed the lengths to which he'd go to get his revenge. Cole quickly realizes the slave girl he bought at auction has no clue and even less interest in BDSM... or so she says.

Cole, a romantic Dom seeking his true love, quickly realizes the sexy slave girl he bought has no clue about and even less interest in BDSM... or...

Alternative Treatment by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Alternative Treatment  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

He's Faced With The Leather-Jacketed Bad Boy Who Arouses The Closeted Mark More Than He Wants To Admit!
Nolan Daniel's got these one hundred hours of community service nailed, just as soon as he nails the handsome Dr. Mark Harrison, who controls Nolan's time served. His sizable ego takes a hit when Mark rejects his advances in no uncertain terms. What did Nolan expect from a man of privilege?

Mark's the good boy who always plays by the rules, always does what's expected of him...and secretly chafes at the restrictions of his...

Beyond the Compound by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Beyond the Compound  -  Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A BDSM Romance!
After two months of intensive BDSM training at The Compound, Hailey Davenport is ready to be placed with a Master to whom she will promise complete sensual submission and obedience. Thinking her contract has been purchased by the kind, older gentleman at the auction, she is surprised to be whisked by private jet to the Malibu home of a reclusive movie star.

Ronan Wolfe is devastatingly handsome, wildly famous, hugely successful,...

Binding Discoveries by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Binding Discoveries  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Powerfully Dominant Mark Leads The Young Lovers Into An Erotic Feast Of The Senses!
Olivia is in love with Tom. This time it's the real thing, meant to last forever. But there's one man she's never quite gotten over: Mark Hunter. What begins as an innocent rekindling of friendship develops into a sensual journey for three.

The powerfully dominant Mark leads the young lovers into an erotic feast of the senses, drawing out Olivia's submissive yearnings and guiding Tom to explore his bi-curious impulses. He lures...

Blind Faith by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Blind Faith  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

With Sexual Mastery, Zane Pulls Aidan Into A New Light Of Touch And Sensation!
Aidan retreats into a world of quiet determination when a car accident leaves him without his sight. Enter Zane Wilde, an older lover who refuses to let Aidan withdraw into the darkness of his soul. With sexual mastery, Zane pulls Aidan into a new light of touch and sensation, taking the blinded man to new heights of sensual experience.

Zane's wanderlust never lets him stay in one place for long enough to let his heart be...

Brokered Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Brokered Submission  -  Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Fantasy Is One Thing, Real Life Erotic Submission Is Quite Another!
Forty-eight hours as the BDSM slave to a sexy Master – that's the price to save a multimillion deal. What would you do?

Dylan steers clear of vanilla girls, preferring to find his play partners in the BDSM scene. But something about Zoe Stamos whispers to the Dom inside him. As they work together on a complex multi-million dollar investment deal, it is all too easy to imagine her naked and bound, skin glistening with sweat, her...

Cast a Lover's Spell by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Cast a Lover's Spell  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Erotic Romance eBooks

Passion, Sensual Surrender And Magic Weave Together To Create A Fiery Love Story!
Paul Windsor weaves spells of passion over mortal women, taking the pleasure he desires while leaving them breathless and longing for more. When the sexy warlock enters the thoughts of an emotionally vulnerable young widow, Anne Kaliner, he is entranced in spite of her seeming indifference to his charms.

Anne, lost in a world of grief and self-pity, resists Paul's insistent and magical attentions. But as Anne is drawn into...

Caught: Punished by Her Boss by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Caught: Punished by Her Boss  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

He Knows Just How To Deal With A Thieving Little Slut Like Her!
Ad Executive Eric Chapman loses a major client and a bundle in potential revenues when an explicit photo of a woman in leather wielding a whip pops up on the screen during an important sales pitch. Some detective work reveals that Jessie Ramos, his office manager by day, is actually running an S&M porn site from Eric's office warehouse by night.

Jessie will find out she's messed with the wrong man. Eric has a few dirty...

Closely Held Secrets by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Closely Held Secrets  -  Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Drawn Like A Moth To The Flame, And Abandoning All Caution, Trisha Takes The Stranger Home!
The glitzy singles club isn't her usual scene, but tonight Trisha is out for adventure, and that is exactly what she finds. From the moment their eyes lock, Will Jacobson recognizes something special in Trisha. At his encouragement she whispers her submissive fantasies, sharing secrets never before confessed. As she speaks, a fire ignites in Will's eyes.

Drawn like a moth to the flame, and abandoning all caution, Trisha takes...

Club de Sade by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Club de Sade  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Elena Discovers Her Own Deeply Submissive Desires At The Hands Of The Man Who Would Claim Her For His Own!
Elena, jobless and desperate, sees an ad for a professional Dominatrix at a local S&M club. She snares the position by faking her experience and now has one week to learn her new craft. Luckily for her, she discovers a BDSM 101 seminar being conducted by the darkly seductive Jesse Hernandez.

While dominating men for money at Club de Sade, Elena discovers her own deeply submissive desires at the hands of the man who would...

Confessions Of A Submissive by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Confessions Of A Submissive  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Erotic World Of Sensual Submission At The Hands Of Her Boss!
The year is 1961, the location is the private law office of the handsome but very exacting Mr. Stevenson. Innocent secretary Olivia, returning to the work force, finds herself both confused and aroused by Mr. Stevenson's many rules and punishments for failure to follow those rules to the letter. Olivia is slowly but inexorably drawn into the erotic world of sensual submission at the hands of her boss, who will stop at nothing to claim her for...

Continuum of Desire by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Continuum of Desire  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

His Occasional Male Erotic Fantasies Can Easily Be Explained Away As Merely Bi-Curious Passing Thoughts!
Tom Goodwin has kept his secret sexual fantasies about James Sutherland just that-secret. James Sutherland has always considered himself straight as an arrow. His occasional male erotic fantasies can easily be explained away as merely bi-curious passing thoughts.

When a situation at work throws them together unexpectedly, Tom finds the man of his dreams in his sensual grasp at last. The action is spicy hot as Tom helps James to...

Dare to Dominate by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Dare to Dominate  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Each Is Forced To Decide If This Is Merely A Game Or A Way Of Life!
Jonathan Goldman's sexual fantasies are colored with dominant dreams of enslavement and control. As a liberated man who admires and adores women, his fantasies leave him feeling confused and ashamed. On a chance meeting abroad, his world is ripped wide open by Laurel Jordan, a free spirit who joyfully embraces her sexually submissive nature.

The sparks that fly between the pair set them both on fire. While Jonathan explores his...

Dream Master by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Dream Master  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Sexy Fantasy Becomes An All-Too-Real And Dangerous Reality!
Ella Stanford and Phillip Arden work in the same law office and both agree that work and romance shouldn't mix. When Ella begins to have erotic dreams that include Phillip as a nameless Master in a sumptuous castle, she is drawn to the real man, though she knows better than to believe that dreams resemble reality. Little does she realize that Phillip, too, is visited by these same powerful, secret dreams involving Ella's sexual slavery and...

Enslaved by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Enslaved  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Dark, Edgy BDSM Romance!
Caught red-handed with her fingers in the company cash, Rae Johansen must choose between near-certain jail time or a much shorter sentence locked away in a BDSM Dungeon. Acceptance means placing her free will, her body and possibly her soul in the hands of a dominant man who demands complete submission.

Whips, chains, ropes, floggers and the sensual wrath of a spurned lover are just some of what await the hapless slave girl,...

Face of Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Face of Submission  -  Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

At First Kate Goes Along, Unsure What To Expect, But Fascinated With The Homoerotic Interplay Between The Two Men!
Kate would do anything to please her bisexual, dominant lover, Kevin. When he invites an old lover to play, things take an unexpected turn. Master Mark is used to taking just exactly what he wants. At first Kate goes along, unsure what to expect, but fascinated with the homoerotic interplay between the two men.

Jealousy and misplaced pride fan the flames of passions that threaten to flare out of control. Kevin must find the...

Finding Chandler - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 1 by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Finding Chandler - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 1  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

The Man Eric Discovers Isn't The Boy He Left Behind So Long Ago!
The Solitary Knights is a club for the romantically disinclined--until they start musing on love lost. So begins the tales of the Solitary Knights. What will they find on their adventures into the past? Stop by Pelham Bay Pub to hear their stories. Book 1: The man Eric discovers isn't the boy he left behind so long ago... Will finding Chandler mean finding love at last? Eric Moore seeks out the guy who had been his college lover, the one who...

Forced Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Forced Submission  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

M Struggles To Rekindle The Flame Of Her Spirit Amidst A Constant Barrage Of Erotic Torture And Sexual Subjugation!
Mia is thrilled when she's hired as administrative assistant to handsome millionaire, Ellis Hughes. Her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she learns, too late, that Ellis Hughes is a sexual sadist, determined to mold her into his perfect submissive slave girl.

Stripped of her freedom and her identity, Mia becomes M, her life focused entirely on the avoidance of pain and the seeking of what pleasure she can find in the...

Authors Best Seller!

Frog: A Tale of Sexual Torture by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Frog: A Tale of Sexual Torture  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks #1 Erotic Bestseller. A Searing Novel Of Erotic Captivity!
In this deeply disturbing and twisted tale, a young woman is abducted, only to be tortured and degraded to the point that she loses her identity. Jane becomes 'frog' - a sexual object to be used and humiliated through an endless series of perverted tortures devised by two fiendish sadists who will stop at nothing to debase and break her down. Come with her on a journey into the erotic depths of torture and terror - if you dare.


Golden Angel - Unwilling Sex Slave by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Golden Angel - Unwilling Sex Slave  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Through Each Stage Of Her Training, Laura Is Taken Deeper Into The Dark World Of Control And Submission!
You may have caught the series, released over several months last year through Renaissance E Books Sizzler Editions. Now the story is captured in one plus size novel, chronicling Laura's adventures from her induction as slave number seven, through a harrowing journey of intensive training and sexualization.

Laura is prepared for the highest echelons of a secret society dedicated to producing the finest slaves money can buy....

Golden Boy by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Golden Boy  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

There Were Signs All His Life That He Was Gay, But What About His Dark Fantasies Of Bondage, Whips And Domination?
Johnny begins to come to terms with his sexual orientation after a friend opens his eyes to the world beyond his homophobic upbringing. Looking back, Johnny recognizes there were signs all his life that he was gay, but what about his dark fantasies of bondage, whips and domination?

While at a club, Johnny spots a gorgeous man across the room and immediately feels the pull of the dark and dangerous, passionate sexual energy that...

Handyman by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Handyman  -  Price: £2.50 ($ 3.55)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Jack Has Never Embraced His Deepest Sexual Longings...
What can a sophisticated Wall Street trader and a simple handyman possibly have in common?

Handsome, sexy and gay, Will Spencer uses and discards lovers as easily as he trades stocks. He is used to taking what—and who—he wants.

Jack Crawford, a recently widowed handyman, never thought of himself as gay. Frightened by an erotic encounter years before, Jack has never embraced his deepest sexual longings.

Heart of Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Heart of Submission  -  Price: £3.95 ($ 5.61)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Kate Falls Too Far, Too Fast, Into An Erotic Submission That Threatens To Blow Her World Apart!
When Kate Alexander, a successful erotic romance author, attends a BDSM weekend in the city, she tells herself it's just for research. Yet she finds herself captivated by the devastatingly handsome Master John, who promises to make her deepest, darkest fantasies come true. Drawn in by his charisma and dominant will, Kate falls too far, too fast, into an erotic submission that threatens to blow her safe little world apart.


Heart Thief by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Heart Thief  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Luke Meets Sawyer, A Man With Very Different Ideas About Erotic Submission And Mixing Pain With Pleasure
After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn't stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.

After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more. However, all too soon Glenn tires of his latest boy...

Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Island of Temptation  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Can Such Intensity Survive Beyond The Sandy Shores Of Their Tiny Tropical Paradise?
Survivors of a cruise shipwreck, two men are thrown together in a desperate struggle to survive. Sam Jamison knows he'll have to keep a tight rein on his rising passions, as Donovan McNair is straight as an arrow - or so Sam assumes.

Though they won't let each other give up hope of discovery by a passing ship or plane, each passing day takes them further from the easy existence they once knew. Each man must find the inner...

Jewel Thief by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Jewel Thief  -  Price: £1.19 ($ 1.69)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

She Has A Choice... Face Certain Prison Time, Or Submit Sexually To Him For One Week!
Julia sees the perfect opportunity for a jewel heist when she attends a party at the home of Benjamin Payton, one of the most eligible bachelors in Westchester County. Slated to be out of town during the break in, his unexpected return puts Julia in a dangerous predicament.

Entranced by the lovely jewel thief, Benjamin offers her a choice--be handed over to the authorities and face certain prison time, or submit sexually to him...

Julie's Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Julie's Submission  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Bestseller of Romance and Bondage!
Love's darker passions explode in newest from bestselling author of Slave Girl! Find out why Claire Thompson constantly tops the eBook bestseller lists in this intriguing, unusual new romance! Since her husband's death, Julie has lived an isolated life on their small rural farm. But Julie's world is turned upside down when the enigmatic, much younger Bill is the only applicant to her ad for a handyman. When she reluctantly hires him, Julie...

Lara's Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Lara's Submission  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Loving And Powerful Tale Of Domination And Submission, Told From Both Points Of View!
From the fertile minds of J.W. McKenna and Claire Thompson comes this loving and powerful tale of domination and submission, told from both points of view!

Some women are drawn to the darkness in their soul, a darkness that tells them to submit. Lara listens to this voice, finally daring to share her secret with her husband Charlie with disastrous results. A marriage already on the brink is pushed over the edge with her...

Masked Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Masked Submission  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Just As Dylan Is Captured By A Fantasy, Jack Is Held Prisoner By A Secret Of His Own Creation!
Dylan Reese feels an instant, powerful connection with the dark and sexy Tomas, the masked Dom at Club Chained. In an intense exchange of sensual power, Dylan submits with an honesty and a passion he's never known. He finds himself falling hopelessly in love with a stranger who can't or won't reveal himself.

Dr. Jack Marchand, a professor of medieval history, is smitten the moment he lays eyes on Dylan, the green-eyed PhD...

Mistress For A Day by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Mistress For A Day  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

For One Day She Turns The Tables On Her Master!
One of our bestselling female authors, Claire Thompson! A superb short story about a woman who's always had a hankerin' to turn the tables on her master, and, for this one day, she gets the chance.

Claire Thompson writes stories of romantic D/s, erotic BDSM, Male/Male erotic love stories and steamy m/m menages a trois. The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you.

Click the 'All Claire Thompson Titles' link...

No Safeword by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail No Safeword  -  Price: £1.99 ($ 2.83)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

There Is No Safeword. You Signed That Away When You...
"My safeword," she said hurriedly. "We forgot to discuss my safeword." "This isn't some amateur scene at a BDSM club. There's no negotiation. There is no safeword. You signed that away when you joined The Enclave."

Jaime Shepard fantasizes about being bound in chains—her heart, body and soul the possession of a Master who won't hesitate to take what he wants. Unfortunately, exploring dreams of sensual submission has taken a...

Obsession: Girl Abducted by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Obsession: Girl Abducted  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Showered With Both Love And Cruel Control, She Begins A Metamorphosis Into Willing Sex Slave!
Mark is obsessed with a beautiful movie star, following her career, her life, her every move. He dreams of turning her into his ideal sex slave. Executing a flawlessly planned kidnap, he's certain she'll come to love him once she understands how pure and intense his passion is for her. Not surprisingly, she doesn't respond as he'd hoped...

In this dark exploration of obsession, we come to understand what compels a man to take...

Odd Man Out by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Odd Man Out  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

If He Can't Have Ben, No One Will!
Attending a wedding with his ex-lover, Carl, wasn't the smartest thing Ben ever agreed to do. But one look at David, the groom's best man, and Ben is willing to change his mind. The man is sex personified and Ben falls instantly head-over-heels in lust.

David is happy to play the scene and definitely not looking for love. Used to being admired, he doesn't mind Ben's eager attention, though he doubts things will go much past a...

Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Our Man Friday  -  Price: £2.69 ($ 3.82)  -  Category Erotic Romance eBooks

Still Secretly, Desperately In Love With Him, She Settles For...
Cassidy fights the lingering feelings for her ex, Ian. Still secretly, desperately in love with him, she settles for sharing a house and a business. Their lives are intertwined in every way--except the way she wants most.

Fear of commitment drove Ian to push their romance into the friendship zone. But things become decidedly uncomfortable when sexy Scotsman Kye McClellan enters the picture. Ian is faced with the sudden prospect...

Outcast by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Outcast  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Paranormal

Drenched With Intrigue, Adventure And Desire, A Paranormal Romance Filled With Action, Suspense And Mysteries!
Book 2 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

Countess Adrienne Rouchard is beautiful, strong, passionate--and a vampire. Cast out of the True Kin vampire community for turning a human without the Elders' approval, she has been a fugitive these past hundred years, slipping in and out of the darkness as she seeks the human blood she must have to stay alive.

Adrienne has left a trail of lovers over the centuries, but none...

Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Perfect Cover  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Eager For What He Sees As An Easy Job In An Exotic Locale, Ryan Fails To Mention He's Straight!
Ryan Weston doesn't know what he's getting himself into when he signs on for the season at Club Eros, a gay hedonistic paradise for the very beautiful and very rich. Eager for what he sees as an easy job in an exotic locale, Ryan fails to mention he's straight.

As a year-round employee on the island, Sean dreads the peak season when horny young studs looking for casual sex or hoping to land a sugar daddy are hired to round out...

Pleasure Planet by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Pleasure Planet  -  Price: £2.79 ($ 3.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Welcome To The Future - Your Dream Sex Vacation Awaits You On Planet Eros!
Aria Loran has just paid a princely sum for a one-week vacation she'll never forget. Too busy for real love, Aria has rented a mate who is guaranteed to be the man of her dreams. She doesn't bargain for a lover who can look not only into her mind, but into her very soul.

Under his dominant hand, Aria will explore dark fantasies she has barely admitted, even to herself. Forced to submit as his sex slave, Aria connects with fears...

Princess by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Princess  -  Price: £0.60 ($ 0.85)  -  Category Femdoms

Michael Agrees To Cover A Gambling Debt By Submitting For A Night To A Sexy Dominatrix!
"She won me in a card game."
That's the opener to this erotic short story by BDSM master storyteller, Claire Thompson. Michael gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to step in and cover his girlfriend's gambling debt. He finds himself at the home of a sexy Dominatrix for a night of complete obedience and submission.

He's never been into BDSM, but how tough could it be? And it's only for one night, isn't it?

Sacred Blood by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Sacred Blood  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Paranormal

Fast Paced Vampire Erotica!
Book 3 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

The vampire Yasmine Hilal has been recruited in a deadly hunt for a rogue band of vampires who are killing their own kind. As she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, Yasmine comes face to face with Englishman David Lawrence, her onetime savior centuries before when she was nothing but a slave girl.

David, never aware of her secret, pining love, is struck with the glamorous...

Sacred Circle by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Sacred Circle  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

BDSM Vampire Play -- What Could Be Hotter?
Book 1 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

BDSM vampire play--what could be hotter?

Grace Davis has always known there was something different about her. She has a secret fascination with all things vampire and an unrequited longing for the sweet taste of blood. When the dark, sensual Julian Gaston appears in her life, he offers the promise of discovery, but with a price.

Julian wrenches Grace from her...

Safe In His Arms by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Safe In His Arms  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

A BDSM Love Story, The Arrogant Hank Is On A Tough Road To Redemption!
In Wicked Hearts, Hank Seeley, Reese's controlling ex-lover, did his best to come between Reese and Jeff. Still bitter over Reese's desertion, Hank continues to use anger and sex to cover the shards of his broken heart. Not even bothering to pick up guys at bars, Hank orders in, calling for young rent boys to service him until he grows tired of them. When Russell Evans, a big bear of a man, shows up one night instead of the ordered twink, Hank...

Sarah's Awakening by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Sarah's Awakening  -  Price: £1.75 ($ 2.48)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

She Thinks She's Found A Trainer To Mold Her Into The Perfect Slave!
Sarah is a sexy, confident young woman who always thought she knew what she wanted, but a friend's confidences about her BDSM lifestyle set off a revolution of sexual adventure and discovery.

Sarah had spent a lifetime denying her true nature, so after her friends admissions, she finally finds the courage to explore BDSM. She thinks she's found a trainer to mold her into the perfect slave. Instead he awakens in Sarah a fuller...

Seduction of Colette by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Seduction of Colette  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Erotic Romance eBooks

Colette Has Just Been 'Lost' In A Wager, Given To The Dashing Lord Philippe De Valon!
The year is 1658. Colette, daughter of a drunken and impoverished nobleman, has just been 'lost' in a wager, given to the dashing Lord Philippe de Valon, as payment for gambling debts. Against a backdrop of the lavish and decadent Court at Versailles, Colette is exposed to the delicious but dangerous attentions of a man used to taking what he wants.

When Philippe is called away on King's business, Colette is left in the hands...

Slave Academy by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Academy  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

An Erotic, And Sometimes Dark And Dangerous, Exchange Of Power That Will Leave You Breathless!
An exhibit of BDSM photography ignites a secret longing for erotic sexual submission in a small town. Forcibly abducted, one woman must find the courage to escape. Another will discover the allure of consensual slavery. A man hopes that by learning to transcend the barriers of erotic pain he can become the Dom he longs to be.

Slave Academy will be the touchstone for them all.

These stories weave together into an...

Slave Castle by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Castle  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Though He Is Challenged By The Sassy, Sexy Marissa, He Is Determined To Bend Her To His Will!
When Marissa Winston arrives at the splendid mansion, sent by her wealthy lover, Tom Reed, for a two-week intensive training program in submission, bondage and discipline, she mistakenly thinks her beauty and seductive powers will give her an easy pass.

Trainer Aaron Sterling isn't easily seduced by the women he trains at Slave Castle. Though he is challenged by the sassy, sexy Marissa, he is determined to bend her to his will,...

Slave Gamble by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Gamble  -  Price: £1.19 ($ 1.69)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

David Takes Zoe On A Journey Of Erotic Submission That Leaves Her Begging For More!
He won me in a card game. Yes, it sounds crazy to Zoe too, but when David Turner wins an evening with the lovely young woman, it is one she won't soon forget. With gentle dominance, David takes Zoe on a journey of erotic submission that leaves her begging for more. It is a gamble she doesn't take lightly, but the winning hand is more than she ever dreamed of.

Slave Girl by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Girl  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Jill Is A Naughty Girl Who Can't Keep Her Panties On!
Jill is bored and pressing the envelope. How many guys will it take until her husband asserts his control?

Jill is a naughty girl who can't keep her panties on. When her husband, Barry, discovers her infidelities, he takes the situation firmly in hand. What starts as a spanking for his naughty girl evolves into passion that stuns them both with its sexual power.

Enter Paul, the Dom who helped Barry find the...

Slave Island by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Island  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Suspense-Filled Journey Into A Dark And Dangerous World Of Sexual Sadism!
Lured by the promise of an all-expense paid dream vacation, Julianna Beckett is kidnapped and held captive on an isolated island. Daily whippings, bondage and intense sexual training are just part the brutal regimen of erotic torture and forced submission, as Julianna is prepared for sale into sexual slavery. At the hands of sadistic trainers, Julianna's world is narrowed to the avoidance of pain and the release found through forced sexual...

Slave Jade by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Slave Jade  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Not For The Faint Of Heart!
Not for the faint of heart, this erotic tale of forced bondage and servitude will grip you by the throat and not let go until the last thrilling page. Lisa, known as Slave Jade online, is a naive but eager player at a BDSM chat site. There she falls hard for sensual, romantic Master John, never dreaming of his plans to ensnare her.

Gilbert Johnson, a lonely and dangerous man, has plans for Slave Jade. It's only a matter of time...

Sold into Slavery by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Sold into Slavery  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Devin, With Determination And Connections Of His Own, Will Stop At Nothing To Save The Woman He Loves!
Ruthless sex slave traffickers have set their sights on Leah Jacobs, a young American vacationing in Thailand. Unaware of the kidnappers' net closing around her, Leah meets Devin Lyons, a sexy Englishman with a shared love of all things BDSM. After a sensual night of erotic exploration, the two plan to meet again the next evening.

But in the morning, while Leah's on a shopping expedition in the streets of Pattaya, the slave...

Stardust - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 4 by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Stardust - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 4  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Will Dennis Finally Find The Courage To Seize His Own Second Chance At Love?
What starts out as a routine emergency call, lands Gordon Flanders and Dennis Wilson in the thick of a madcap drag queen party gone wild. Gordon finds himself in a position to save Ben Ryder, his old lover, from a fiasco that could ruin the movie star's career. Gordon volunteers to hide the movie star from the paparazzi until he can get a flight back to L.A. Thrilled by what he sees as his second chance with the man he never got over, the...

Sub For Hire by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Sub For Hire  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Slave J Reacts With An Unexpected Passion To The Kiss Of Michael's Whip And His Sensual Control!
Dominant and confident, Michael is used to getting whatever guy he sets his sights on. On an impulse he checks out Dungeon Dreams, known for its stable of hot male submissives. Slave j reacts with an unexpected passion to the kiss of Michael's whip and his sensual control. The honest and intense response of the slave catches Michael by surprise, though he knows what they share can never be more than a game.

Josh's dream of D/s...

Submission in Paradise by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Submission in Paradise  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Shea's Both Intrigued And Terrified By The Force Of Her Own Reactions And Struggles With The Concept Of Erotic Submission!
Paradise Islands - Passion tailored for the woman with everything but time. Shea Devon accepts the gift of a week at Paradise Islands, expecting moonlit walks on the beach and sweet kisses over candlelight dinners. Instead, a mix-up lands her on the companys BDSM island, at the mercy of a very sexy but stern Master.

Liam Jordan follows the script he believes was designed expressly for the lovely young woman in his charge....

Submission Times Two by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Submission Times Two  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Ethan And Cam Are In Love. There's Just One Small Problem - They're Both Subs!
Enter Maestro, a Dom with secrets of his own. Can two subs submit to a man who would claim not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds? Or will the intensity of a D/s menage break their world apart?

M/M/M BDSM menage a trois, - one Dom, two subs, three hearts...

Winner of the NLA-I Pauline Reage Award for excellence in BDSM fiction.

Switch by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Switch  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Two Doms but only one Master!
Dane Bishop is reigning king in the Austin BDSM underground scene. A chance meeting with a sexy local artist named Nathan Levi turns his world upside down. Nathan can see beyond Dane's swaggering persona to the untapped submissive streak beneath the leather and chain. As each struggles to gain and maintain control, the sexual sparks fly. It's only a matter of time before a spark catches and bursts into flame.

Claire Thompson -...

Switching Gears - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 3 by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Switching Gears - The Solitary Knights Of Pelham Bay Book 3  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

The Man He Discovers Waiting On His Knees Is The Last Person He Expected!
Jack told himself love was for losers, but what he really needed was someone strong enough to show him the truth...

Jack Harris prides himself on being impervious to love. It's been years since Jack walked away from the traditional leather scene, but he's always maintained respect and affection for Alexei, the only man he ever trusted completely. Jack is confused by his own anger and restlessness. Alexei says he has the...

Texas Surrender by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Texas Surrender  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

JD Is Determined To Seduce And Claim The Tattooed, Tough Guy!
When JD Reed shows up at the Circle R horse ranch, Avery Dalton is fully prepared to hate his guts. Tapped by his aunt to help out at the horse ranch, the greenhorn thinks he can just step in and run the show, but Avery's not having any. JD's got a line on Avery's secret, though barely acknowledged need to be sexually dominated, A loner used to making his own way, Avery'll be damned before he submits to the arrogant Yankee.


The Abduction of Kelsey by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Abduction of Kelsey  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Kelsey Succumbs To His Rigid Control!
Embark on a journey along a dark path of sexual torture, erotic control and forced submission.

James Bennett is captivated by his lovely but unattainable coworker, Kelsey Ambrose. When she spurns his advances, he unleashes his long-hidden dark passions and takes her by force. Through a regime of erotic training, punishment and domination, James intends to mold Kelsey into the submissive and obedient wife of his dreams.

The Auction by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Auction  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Naked, Bound And In Chains, At The Mercy Of The Man Who Purchased Her--Body And Soul--For The Next 30 Days!
Carly Abrams, at a financial dead-end, has gathered her courage, exaggerated her experience and signed on as a submissive sex slave at an exclusive BDSM auction house.

Adam Wise is gorgeous, filthy rich, sexually dominant and used to getting exactly what he wants. He has a fully-equipped dungeon and water bondage chamber in his home, all of it waiting for the woman who will submit to his darkest sadistic fantasies. With no...

The Compound by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Compound  -  Price: £2.29 ($ 3.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Compound Rules Are Never To Get Involved With The Trainees, And That's Never Been A Problem - Until Now!
Prepare to submit, body and soul, to the total immersion BDSM training experience that is The Compound.
Craving the truly definitive submissive experience she has yearned for all her adult life, Alexis Stewart marshals her courage to commit to a month of training at The Compound. There she is placed in the hands of Master John, a stern Dominant with the reputation as an uncompromising taskmaster. Despite rigorous 24/7 sexual submission,...

The Contract by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Contract  -  Price: £2.29 ($ 3.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Powerful Exploration Of Domination And Submission Not Only Of The Body, But Of The Heart And Soul!
Out of a job and betrayed by his lover, Jace Thompson jumps at an opportunity almost too good to be true. On a private island in the Florida Keys, a secret BDSM community exists in resort-style luxury, the wealthy clients served by paid submissives who meet their every erotic desire and sensual whim. As Jace works hard to serve the men of the island with submissive grace, he is challenged at every turn by a manipulative trainer who seems hell...

The Cowboy Poet by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Cowboy Poet  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

When Passion Overtakes Caution, A Firestorm Of Desire Erupts Between Them!
Tyler Sutton can run all he wants from his past, but he's still got himself to contend with. Dark secret dreams of sexual submission continue to haunt the magazine reporter. The embers of his hidden yearnings burst into a bright flame of reality when Tyler meets Clint Darrow, the cowboy poet.

Clint, the foreman on a West Texas bull ranch, hides his dominant sensual nature behind the laconic, quiet persona of a true Texas cowboy....

The Inner Room by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Inner Room  -  Price: £2.29 ($ 3.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Step Into The Dark, Passionate Intrigue Of The Inner Room – Where Submissive Dreams Become Reality!
The Inner Room – where submissive dreams become reality

Dr. Marissa Roberts takes charge and saves lives by day, but spends lonely nights embracing fantasies of erotic submission. When a friend encourages her to explore her submissive longings, Marissa agrees to an evaluation to become a member of an exclusive local BDSM club. With that act, a door is opened to Marissa, and her long-standing fantasies may just become reality.   ...

The Keyholder by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Keyholder  -  Price: £2.57 ($ 3.65)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Seven-Week Nightmare Of Intense Captivity At The Hands Of A Dangerous...
Abducted by an evil Master Keyholder - rescued by the Dom of her dreams…

Eva Sandler's dream job as a house submissive at Hawthorne Dungeon becomes a seven-week nightmare of intense captivity at the hands of a dangerous Master Keyholder. Though forced to submit to the cruel taskmaster's every erotic whim, Eva's inner spark of survival burns hot. She will escape, whatever the cost.

Long-time Dom Jack McQuade aches...

The Master by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Master  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Not My Type, Her Brain Attempted To Inform Her, But Her Body Wasn’t Listening!
The Master's face was hidden in shadow as he strapped the woman onto the bondage wheel. His dark hair was glossy, his broad, muscular back rippling beneath the soft black leather of his vest. A tattoo of three intertwined snakes curled around the bulging biceps of his left arm. Though Jaime couldn't see his face, something about the man tugged at her senses, jump starting her heart into a hard, steady beat. Not my type, her brain attempted to...

The Story of Owen: One Man's Submissive Journey by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Story of Owen: One Man's Submissive Journey  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Femdoms

He's Never Quite Found The Opportunity, Or The Nerve, To Make Those Dreams Come True... Until Now!
All his life Owen has secretly dreamed of sexual submission at the hands of a dominant woman - kneeling naked before his Mistress, awaiting the stroke of her whip, the stinging kiss of her cane, the tight grip of rope and chain - but he's never quite found the opportunity, or the nerve, to make those dreams come true... until now.

When a friend presses the business card of an exclusive pro Domme into Owen's hands, he embarks on...

The Toy by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail The Toy  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Kidnapped By Two Men, One A Romantic, The Other A Sadist!
Gina is kidnapped by two men, one a romantic, the other a sadist. Each uses the terrified girl for his pleasure. While Gordon introduces Gina to the whip, the cane and the rope, Frank introduces her to the kiss and a sexual awakening that leaves her hungry for more. Boundaries dissolve between pleasure and pain, control and love, freedom and enslavement. m/f BDSM non-consensual.

Tough Boy by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Tough Boy  -  Price: £0.60 ($ 0.85)  -  Category Femdoms

A Tattooed Tough Guy Finds The Courage To Submit, With The Help Of A Sexy Woman!
"What's to know? I work construction. I ride a Harley, I have tattoos, I keep a knife in my boot, and I don't take shit from nobody."
That's what Richard tells his new girlfriend, Amelia, but she's not buying it. She senses the sub boy hiding beneath the tough guy facade. With Dominatrix fantasies of her own, Amelia hopes to bring both their dreams of a BDSM love affair to life.

Together they explore the power and...

Tracy In Chains by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Tracy In Chains  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

I'll Be Your Master!
A Tale of Sexual Domination and Control. After years of hiding her submissive nature, even from herself, Tracy discovers an online "Master" who has the courage and power to guide her on an exploration of self that will end up splitting open her safe little world. As Tracy struggles with the guilt and confusion of a dying marriage, she also embarks on a potentially dangerous journey into sadomasochistic experimentation and sexual...

True Submission by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail True Submission  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

When Ashley Discovers Andrew's Cache Of BDSM Books, She Falls In Love With The Idea Of Erotic Submission!
When Greg first saved the homeless, drug-addicted Ashley from a life on the streets, he appeared to be her savior. But the rescuer soon turned into the jailer, forcing Ashley into a life of prostitution. Any protest was met with brutal punishment and Ashley learned to retreat into herself, more lost than before he had found her.

Ashley finds comfort in the romance novels that open a new world of possibilities. Her quiet time at...

Two Loves for Alex by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Two Loves for Alex  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Alex Is Tested In Ways She Never Dreamed, Her Submissive Boundaries Stretched To The Breaking Point!
That's what Alex asks herself when two seriously sexy guys invite her to remain with them after a week of intensive training as their sex slave. In this sequel to Two Masters for Alex, Alex is tested in ways she never dreamed, her submissive boundaries stretched to the breaking point.

Liam encourages his lover, Daniel, to explore his dominant impulses with Alex, confident they can handle the sexy, sassy girl who has joined them...

Two Masters for Alex by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Two Masters for Alex  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

What's Love Got To Do With It?
When Alex signs up to learn what it is to truly submit within a D/s relationship, she expects to be ravished and adored. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a very hot, longstanding, m/m love affair. To her chagrin, she is not the subject of their torrid passion, but the object, a girl toy expected to perform on command and conform to the rules of the house, or suffer the consequences.

Liam and Daniel, at first eager to...

Wicked Hearts by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Wicked Hearts  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave...
Reese and Hank are used to taking what they want, just because they can. They set their sights on the office geek, a painfully shy whiz kid named Jeff. Hank bets Reese he can't get the guy in bed within a week - he makes the pot very sweet with an offer of $5,000, if Reese can do the job - on tape.

Reese, usually so cocky and sure, is completely disarmed by the quiet but intense Jeff. What begins as a cynical seduction rapidly...

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