Charlotte Redland Biography

Charlotte Redland lives with her husband and three large dogs in Southern California. At first glance she seems like any other normal thirty-something. However, those that get to know her quickly learn that the twisted little brain hiding behind her calm and disciplined exterior is anything but “normal”. Between the dirty jokes and her fondness for sex shops Charlotte is the quintessential closet freak, as are many of her friends, on whom she does not hesitate to draw on for inspiration. In fact some of her more kinky story elements are based on the antics of those closest to her ... whether or not she was involved she declines to say! However, her vivid descriptions and ability to make her readers live vicariously through the characters she creates stem from this insistence on writing about what she knows.

Charlotte has been writing erotica for years, but has only recently decided to share her work with the rest of the world. While many may find her work controversial, the heat in her story lines is undeniable, making her one of the genera’s newest rising stars. Charlotte is able to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, creating a delicious guilt-free zone within the mindscapes of her readers. Her work is intended to be an indulgence; rich and decadent like fine European chocolate. Simply put, if your taste in sex is dark, kinky, sadistic or masochistic, Charlotte Redland is the erotic author for you.

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