Caught: Punished by Her Boss by Claire Thompson

He Knows Just How To Deal With A Thieving Little Slut Like Her!

Ad Executive Eric Chapman loses a major client and a bundle in potential revenues when an explicit photo of a woman in leather wielding a whip pops up on the screen during an important sales pitch. Some detective work reveals that Jessie Ramos, his office manager by day, is actually running an S&M porn site from Eric's office warehouse by night.

Jessie will find out she's messed with the wrong man. Eric has a few dirty secrets of his own, and he knows just how to deal with a thieving little slut like her. In the ensuing confrontation, passions run high and Eric crosses a line from which there is no return.

Now Jessie is imprisoned in Eric's basement, his personal sex slave, caged and at his mercy. How far will a man go when no one is witness to his darkest, sadistic impulses? And how far will a woman go in her desperation to escape?

An S&M abduction tale. Caught is a dark story, not for the faint of heart.

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Romance Unbound
Author: Claire Thompson
Book Size: 37,000 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Feb, 2012

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