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Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3 by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3 - Added on Jun 03, 2013

Price: £3.85 ($ 5.47)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

Sooner Or Later This Despicable Trade Must Be Brought To An End!
Anjanette was eighteen years old, just out of high school and hoping to go to college. It was not to be. Instead, she must face the prospect of becoming the mate of a huge beast exiled to the far side of his planet away from civilisation. Who...

Alice's Playground by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Alice's Playground  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category Femdoms

Suffering Wives Were Soon Willing To Pay Large Amounts To Have Their Husbands "Trained"!
Alice was petite. At thirty years of age, she could still pass for sixteen. With her hair in braids and tied with bows, and her innocent blue eyes, she was the perfect fantasy for many men. Picking them up was never a problem, and, smiling sweetly, she took them to her custom-built playroom.

But Alice's playroom was very special. Every piece of apparatus had a special purpose, each one adapted to meet her particular needs,...

Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3 by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3  -  Price: £3.85 ($ 5.47)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

Sooner Or Later This Despicable Trade Must Be Brought To An End!
Anjanette was eighteen years old, just out of high school and hoping to go to college. It was not to be. Instead, she must face the prospect of becoming the mate of a huge beast exiled to the far side of his planet away from civilisation. Who knows what his bizarre, violent desires may be. Surely a truly terrifying prospect for the poor girl?

There are many dimensions of Earth, and perhaps it is not surprising that there is...

Ariel's Desire by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Ariel's Desire  -  Price: £2.49 ($ 3.54)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

It Was Just A Weekend Camping Trip... Until She Met A Very Masterful Vampire!
Ariel, enjoying a long weekend camping in the woods with her friends before college resumes, thinks she is perfectly content. Then Lucien and his vampire clan come down from the mountains, abducting young men and women for their settlement. When Lucien sees Ariel sunning by a lake, he knows he must make her his thrall - in every way.

On the journey up the mountain, Ariel is subjected to the vampire's constant seductions,...

Captive Travelers by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Captive Travelers  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Muscle-Bound Warriors Were Both Arousing And Exciting...
Alongside our world is another, a spirit world of the American Indians, where the white man hasn't destroyed the herds of buffalo and where the Indian tribes live in much the same way they have existed for centuries.

There is a link between the worlds but it is rarely used, and for those who find it the consequences may be terrifying. Showing disrespect to an Indian in our world may be enough, if the spirits agree, and the...

Cassandra's Pirate by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Cassandra's Pirate  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

It Might Just Be That The Girls From Earth Are Not As Helpless As They Seem!
On another world, pirates sail the seas and plunder the ships of the Royals. Lowly-born men, 'Fivers' as they are known, have no hope of achieving any status in the First Realm, and yet their women will invariably find themselves serving men of higher rank. For the Fivers, piracy may seem an attractive option.

A girl from Earth is thrown into this world, together with her former employer, a young woman who, for the moment at...

Collateral Trade by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Collateral Trade  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

The Earth Girls, However, Are Not Prepared To Simply Accept The Situation...
Drifting helplessly in space, short of supplies, Sharrell and many of the other women are sold to aliens by their unscrupulous spaceship captain in return for the means to settle on an inhabitable planet.

Worse, it quickly becomes clear that the aliens want the women to become their mates, and the alien families invariably consist of one set of twin males and one female who is expected to be submissive and to endure the dominant...

Dark Journey - Ariel's Desire 2 by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Dark Journey - Ariel's Desire 2  -  Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Novel Of Erotic Bondage That's More Than A Bit Of A Rough Ride!
In this searing sequel to the vampiric bondage bestseller, Ariel's Desire, a demon from Lucien's past threatens to destroy the lovers plus the entire vampire coven. Their only hope is a man who may have been driven mad by the tortures he has undergone.

It begins when Ariel's friend Mike is turned over to a Native American tribe to be trained as a warrior. But first he must make a dark journey from dog to human being. He is...

Earning Her Keep by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Earning Her Keep  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Through Depraved, Humiliating Acts, She Is Led Into The World Of A Submissive!
Three magicians, who are also dominant males, known as the Masters of Enchantment, have been whisked into modern times. They are brothers and their names are Master Havoc, Master Knowledge and Master Ambition.

Two of them own the bondage-themed club, The Masters' Dungeon. The other grants people wishes, but the other two brothers always manage to twist the wishes for their own benefit.

Amy's wish was to get far...

Flashback Mountain by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Flashback Mountain  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Gripping Story Of Four Innocents Are Kidnapped And Held Captive For Ten Years!
The gripping story of four innocents who are kidnapped and held captive for ten years on a mountain. They are rescued and placed in an asylum, until Nicki escapes. To survive, she lives in a disillusioned state as 'Autumn', hiding from investigators for the Prosecution who want her to testify against Cain. The 'Nicki' personality has constant dreams and flashbacks of how Cain had seduced her and how she fell in love with him. Her ultimate...

Authors Best Seller!

Harvesting Rue by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Harvesting Rue  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Decision To Harvest The Females On Earth As Sex Pets Was Taken With Some Apprehension!
Collared! Rue had no idea where the metal collar around her throat came from. It was simply there when she awoke, and there seemed no way to remove it.

The Lamerians were a warrior race. Tall and powerful, their job was to keep the Realm safe from marauding rogue spaceships. But the Lamerians were dying. Their few remaining women could produce only male children. For the warriors with unquenchable sex drives, to be without...

Jason by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Jason  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Jason Knows The Woman He Wants: The First Girl He Ever Abducted!
Jason's job is to capture and train sex slaves. He must take five in a year, and prepare them for sale at auction to some of the world's wealthiest men. After being told by his employer that he should take a personal slave of his own, Jason knows the woman he wants: the first girl he ever abducted, in the days long ago when he did it only for his personal satisfaction and when he always released them after he had taken his pleasure on their...

Juliette by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Juliette  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category General Erotica

A Cheating Husband, A Caribbean Island And An Errant Yacht Called Juliette!
'Juliette' is an erotic romance with frequent and graphic love scenes. Anna and Turner are marooned on an island for nine months, but they have no idea of the part their errant yacht, Juliette, is to play in the extraordinary events.

Anna had traveled to the Caribbean to surprise her husband at the end of his business trip, and catches him in bed with his business partner. She demands he gives her their yacht, 'Juliette', but...

Miranda's Destiny - The Unexpurgated Edition by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Miranda's Destiny - The Unexpurgated Edition  -  Price: £4.10 ($ 5.82)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

Deep Within Her Is A Sexual Fire Too Powerful For Normal Men!
Miranda is petite and beautiful, with a beauty that has something almost ethereal about it. Her long golden hair shimmers down her back, and her eyes are like reflective pools of crystal blue water. Her skin is pale, yet never burns or tans. But deep within her is a sexual fire too powerful for normal men.

She knew she was different, but she could never have imagined that she would be abducted and taken far across the Galaxy....

Off the Chain by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Off the Chain  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category Femdoms

Nothing Except Pleasing His Mistress Is Of Any Importance!
Sevals is a facility run by women. Its purpose is to train men, unwilling men, who have angered their wives by having affairs or been otherwise disobedient. Once training is complete, the men would be sold as slaves to women who take a delight in inflicting pain and torment.

Sam was having an affair with his secretary, and wakes up naked and chained to a bare cement floor. He soon learns that his wife has signed a contract to...

Predator Ridge by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Predator Ridge  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

She Was Young, Innocent And Inexperienced!
He was a professional slave trainer, adept at kidnapping girls and turning them into submissive playthings to be sold at auction to the highest bidder. In his cabin hidden away in the mountains, he spent months at his craft with each girl, using whips, bondage, and a rigorous regime of pain, punishment and, sometimes, reward.

Ashley was different. In her, he saw something he had always wanted. Starved of emotional contact,...

Puppy Love - Sorrenton by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Puppy Love - Sorrenton  -  Price: £4.10 ($ 5.82)  -  Category Femdoms

Those Men Will Become No More Than A Slave, A Plaything - A Puppy!
Darcy needed revenge for the violent sexual assault she suffered when she was only 19. When she took the job as a psychotherapist in the small town of Sorrenton, she had no idea that already the women of that town were experts at punishing, humiliating and controlling their men.

Soon she has them, every one of those who assaulted her. With the help of the woman who quickly becomes her friend and lover, and the other women of...

Sasha's Game by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Sasha's Game  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Young Woman's Journey Into Life As A Submissive!
Sasha's journey into submission is far from simple, and yet she seems to have found the man who would be the perfect master for her. Her problem is firstly accepting her submissive inclinations and being convinced that it does not mean there is something wrong with her.

Sasha's former boyfriend liked to make her suffer, and yet there was something about the way he controlled her that she missed. She had no idea her meeting...

Seducing the Angel from Purgatory - The Ark Series Book 2 by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Seducing the Angel from Purgatory - The Ark Series Book 2  -  Price: £4.29 ($ 6.09)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

How Could She Possibly Realize That Her Destiny Was With A Winged Warrior On A Planet Of Snow And Crystal?
Essie was a pilot, flying missions against insurgents in the desert. She was efficient and beautiful, and the object of desire of every young man. She never made mistakes. Never. Except... just once, on her last mission before leaving for a new job at NASA, and it was a fatal mistake.

She kept the presence of mind to eject just in time, but then there was the insurgent with a rifle, a white flash, and then...


Semi-Hard by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Semi-Hard  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

He Wondered Whether He Had Found What He Had Always Wanted!
Dillon was a slave trainer. He cruised the highways at night in his huge truck, looking for lone women at remote, deserted truck stops, taking them and training them for sale to a cartel running brothels in Mexico. He was good at his job, and it was not long before he came to the attention of Viktor, a very rich Russian who made his money by providing top quality sex slaves. A contract with Viktor seemed very attractive, but when Dillon...

Six Masters Island - Chayton's Twins by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Six Masters Island - Chayton's Twins  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

From Las Vegas To Island's Playthings!
When Lindsey and her friends are kidnapped in Las Vegas and taken to a remote island, she is unable to believe what is happening to her. While most of her friends are turned into ponygirls for the amusement of the Masters ruling the island, Lindsey finds herself a sexual plaything for her Master and for his male slave and lover.

Six Masters Island - De Lucia's Slaves by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Six Masters Island - De Lucia's Slaves  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Four Girls Are Abducted And Forced To Undergo Sex Slave Training Together!
The De Lucia family are specialists. They specialize in training sex slaves. The girls they capture think they are applying for a job and an exciting new career, but find themselves prisoners and enduring the harshest, most brutal training that will destroy their free will and replace it with an overwhelming desire to please their Master or Mistress.

Four girls are abducted and forced to undergo training together. It begins...

Six Masters Island - Perverse Intentions by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Six Masters Island - Perverse Intentions  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Dominant Twins Abduct A Young Girl, But That Is Only The Start Of It!
The twins always had dominant tendencies, and after the death of their parents, they are not slow to explore sex with their nanny, Sarah. Soon after, they begin to train Sarah as their sex slave, but they want much more. Practicing their newly discovered BDSM arts on Sarah, they abduct a new girl, much younger than Sarah, to become their slave. And that is only the start of it...

Six Masters Island - The Cinderella Syndrome by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Six Masters Island - The Cinderella Syndrome  -  Price: £4.79 ($ 6.80)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Family Specializes In Training Young Women As Sex Slaves!
The Venetia family specializes in training young women as sex slaves, and in the world of sex slave trading, the carefully cultivated "flowers" produced by Cynthia, her husband Alexander, and their four sons, are much sought-after. When one of the sons brings back a girl who is clearly very different from the others and has apparently fallen in love with her, it is the beginning of some major changes in their family and in the way they live.

Slave Lacy by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Slave Lacy  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

She Cannot Stop Her Body Reacting To The Pain, The Torment... And The Sex!
Lacy was on her way back to college when she was kidnapped. Stripped naked, bound and thrown into a cage, she has no idea what is going to happen, but the sadistic men who have taken her know exactly what they intend to do with her.

She is to be trained as a sex slave, tortured and punished until she is properly submissive and obedient, and then taken from the training camp up the mountain to be a sexual servant for the...

Slip-Stream by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Slip-Stream  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Quinn's Only Knowledge Of How Women Should Be Treated Is From A Very Old And Faded Copy Of A Bondage Magazine...
Tied and restrained, mistaken for android whores, Kera and Emily have no idea what is happening to them. Thrown into a parallel world where the few women are kept hidden away, they become prisoners of Quinn and Conner, gunslingers with a price on their heads who have never seen real women and who are being pursued by one of their enemies who has been using sexy androids to trap them.

And even when the gunslingers realise their...

Surviving Demands by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Surviving Demands  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Surely There Is Somewhere They Can Live Without The Abuse?
In a very different world following total financial and social meltdown, it seems that one-to-one relationships between men and women no longer exist. The women are prevented from living in the towns, and are banished and trapped in isolated ghettos, and forced to perform sexual acts in payment for the necessities they need to survive.

Caitlyn and a group of other women must escape. Surely there is somewhere they can live...

The Beastmen - The Ark Series Book 1 by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail The Beastmen - The Ark Series Book 1  -  Price: £4.29 ($ 6.09)  -  Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

Would Anyone Believe That All The Problems Were Caused By An Empty-Headed Princess!
The first of a new erotic sci-fi romance series from Candace Smith.

Seconds before the Earth was destroyed, Jayde and a handful of other women were rescued. It was, of course, the duty of the Gardeners to save races threatened with extinction, no matter how far out in the Outer Worlds they were.

Dumped on a remote and not particularly hospitable planet, Jayde had trouble figuring out what had happened to her. On...

The First Tribe by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail The First Tribe  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

A Very Special Bond Develops Between Her And The Warrior Who Captured Her!
Sabra is captured, to become a slave for the warlike Kirabi. She and some other young women of her race, the Vastara, are taken by the frustrated warriors whose own powerful, muscular women have long ago lost interest in sex except for the minimum necessary to reproduce.

They were once all one tribe, the First Tribe, but grew apart over many, many generations, with the Vastara, the spiritualist and thinkers, becoming smaller...

The Pirate's Witch by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail The Pirate's Witch  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

These Are No Ordinary Modern-Day Pirates!
Monique is bored. Married to a rich husband whose only interest is in work and making money, she and her six friends plan a sailing trip to the Cayman Islands but are taken by pirates. These are no ordinary modern-day pirates.

Under a curse from centuries earlier, these seven men are doomed to live forever in exile, allowed access to their old ship for just seven days every fifty years to sail the high seas to loot, pillage,...

The Tithe That Binds by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail The Tithe That Binds  -  Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Their Duties Are To Satisfy The Sadistic Appetites Of Both The Men And Women Of The Clan!
Farming is a tough life, but far tougher when in return for their farms the farmers must give their eldest daughters to the clan in the mountains as soon as the girls become eighteen years of age.

Debra was just one of many, having no idea what was going to happen to her until the acquisitioners turned up, pulled her from her bed, bound her, and rode away with her. For others who knew they would have to serve the clan members...

Tombstone by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Tombstone  -  Price: £4.49 ($ 6.38)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Encased In Skintight Latex And Forced Into Submission For Sexual Use And Abuse!
Jerald's mother works in a fetish club, providing sexual services while dressed in latex catsuits. She is murdered by a jealous co-worker, and the boy is raised by his father, a gravedigger.

Soon after his eighteenth birthday, Jerald returns to the club and learns the truth about his mother's work. His personality splits, and Jerald is no more. He becomes "Tombstone", and dedicates his life to seeking revenge. Soon, not only...

Torturous Existence by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Torturous Existence  -  Price: £3.79 ($ 5.38)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

The Desire To Have Women Under Their Control Became Overpowering!
Sabra and her friends were prisoners - again, used and abused by men convinced that it was their right and their duty to control and punish women for their own good. Whipped, bound, sexually assaulted and in pain, Sabra cannot understand why such treatment arouses her. She must escape, and yet it seems inevitable that fleeing from one group will only lead to capture by another, sooner or later.

The plague that wiped out most...

Whiplash! by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Whiplash!  -  Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Adapting To Her New Life As A Trainee Sex Slave Is Not Easy!
When Richard takes Rylee and her mother on a camping trip, they have no idea that he has laid plans to have them taken as permanent sex slaves by the clans living in isolated communities on the four sides of the mountain. What Richard does not know is that he too is to be taken.

As a trainee sex slave, Rylee is subjected to humiliating and painful abuse by Carlton, his wife, and their two sons. Adapting to her new life is not...

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