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The Men Savor The Reluctance And Embarrassment Of Well-Bred Young Women...

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"I'll soon remedy that malaise, Frances, so you won't have to worry about it any longer." His hands moved up, and he clenched onto her full, twin buttocks. She began to move. "Hold still so I can fondle your lovely cheeks," he ordered her. He felt her surrender. He had a handful of firm buttocks in each hand as his fingers dug into the flesh. He'd never felt anything this good in decades.

She felt a strange tremor between her cheeks when he grabbed her buttocks rudely. His fingers were strong and her buttocks were parted. She could feel spasms in her anus. It was a strange place that she never expected to feel anything. His fingers were so harsh that her crack opened up, and she felt her anus do the same. It was as if he did it on purpose. She tried to clench her cheeks shut, but he objected.

"Relax your cheeks and let me have my way with them." He felt the muscles in her buttocks tighten, but then, she surrendered. His fingers yanked her buttocks apart once again, and her undergarment began to go tight across them so he could almost see her tight crack or it was just his imagination. He fondled and rolled her buttocks for long minutes, but he knew that the others grew impatient and bored. Not him, he could spend hours doing this. He'd continue after he gave everyone else a show. He turned her around, and his hands released her. He sat back in the chair. "Since it's your birthday, it's only fitting that you get a birthday spanking. Eighteen spanks it will be. Lay across my lap so I can begin."

This she expected, but it was still difficult for her to do it, especially when she only wore a silk undergarment. It would do nothing to stop or lessen the severity of the spanking. His hands reached out to her as she tried to lie across his lap. She saw the bulge in his lap, and she knew what it was. She'd aroused him, and she was sure that his spanking her would make it worse. His hands ran over her body indiscriminately as he arranged her over his lap. Her buttocks were pushed up high, and her head fell toward the ground with her long hair fanned out before her. But it was what was beneath her that disturbed her most. She felt his erection pushed into her mound. She expected it to be big and hard, but she never expected it to have a mind of its own. It jerked and shuddered beneath her from her slightest movement. Did he make it do that or did I?

"That feels so good, Frances. Can you feel my cock? It loves the touch of your body rubbing on it. When I start spanking you, I expect you to move vigorously on my cock and give me my pleasure," he urged her.

She didn't have to wait for the first blow. It landed on her right buttock with such authority. His powerful hand drove the pain all the way to the bone. She'd never been spanked before, not even as a child. It was disconcerting that it would happen when she was a woman. She tried to stifle her cry, but it was difficult. His hand returned, this time catching her other buttock before she could clench it. He began to spank her rhythmically from one buttock to the other. Each blow hurt more as her cheeks began to grow sore and tender from the continuous punishment. She didn't know how many times he spanked her, too concerned about the increasing pain she felt. It reverberated all the way down to the bone. She began to squirm more with each painful blow. She felt his prick beneath her dance against her mound. It felt as though it was a lance, so big and hard. But, she also felt something else. His prick had slipped between the lips of her quim. It touched her in places that she was forbidden to touch. It didn't hurt, and that was the problem. She felt something else and that took away the pain. She began to move beneath the spanking, not to escape the spanking but to make his prick touch her in just the right way. She hoped that he wouldn't notice.

His palm burned from spanking her, but it was pleasure that he felt knowing that her buttocks took the brunt of the punishment. She moved delightfully on his cock. It felt as though her pussy found his cock, and her lips folded around it to bathe it a tight grasp. It was exciting, but he stopped exactly on eighteen. But that wouldn't be all. It would only be a reprieve for her. It was time to explore her ass more intimately.

All of a sudden he stopped. Frances was disappointed, although she tried not to show it. He must have hit eighteen.

"Those are lovely silk undergarments, Frances, but I want your ass naked for me to explore and spank."

"No, don't make me naked," she cried out. Her body became flushed as she felt him begin to roll her undergarment down over her buttocks. She could do nothing as she was exposed. She could feel his fingers run over her naked buttocks as he pulled them down, even the shameful touch of his finger along her crack. She tightened her buttocks to prevent the touch of his fingers in such a shameful place, but that didn't stop him as he took her undergarment completely off. If she thought that was bad, it got worse.

"Let me rearrange you better, Frances, so I can enjoy the view."

She struggled as he pulled her around, but he didn't let her get off his lap. She felt the shameful touch of his prick on her quim as he pushed her so her head fell down in front of him, but then, he yanked one of her legs rudely over his lap and on the other side of his hips. Her legs were spread wide, and her crotch was pushed up to his stomach, with his prick still shoved into her mound. She struggled to keep her buttocks clenched, but with the way her legs were spread wide, she could do little to protect her privacy. She could feel the way her quim opened up.

He loved this position with her head hanging on the floor and her ass only inches from him, open and spread for his exploration. She couldn't try to push his hands away, but she needed to hold onto the floor to keep her head from banging on it. "Relax and let me have my way, Frances." His hands went to her naked legs, but they slowly moved up her soft thighs until he got to her crotch. He could see her pussy lips parted with the pink skin inside wet. She might protest what he did, but her rubbing on his cock had an effect on her. That would make it easier when he took her virginity. He'd have her juices as well as her virgin blood to aid his entrance.

Frances struggled as his fingers touched the edges of her quim. It wasn't pain she felt but pleasure. She felt an unfamiliar wetness between her legs. Is that what my fingers could've done to bring me pleasure? "NOOO, NOOOO," she cried out in protest when she felt fingers touch the soft lips of her quim. She could feel him pull her lips open, shamefully exposing her intimately to him and the others. She felt him urge her ass up higher, and she knew that her quim opened up wider. She shuddered in ecstasy when her lips were pulled in opposite directions. She could feel his hot breath blow on her quim, his head so close. Then, his fingers began to explore her inner lips. He released her outer lips, and they curled around his fingers like a blanket. His touch was soft and gentle, and his finger slid easily on her growing wetness. They rode up and down, but they never touched her in the one forbidden place that she wasn't allowed to touch. She knew of her pleasure button.

As Joseph's fingers rolled between the lips of her pussy, his thumbs moved up her crack and pushed outward until it unfolded. Her crack was damp with sweat, so his thumbs moved with ease. He felt her clench her buttocks once, but with a pinch of her pussy lips, she succumbed to his demanding touch without being told. He stopped touching her pussy and concentrated on her ass. His hands pressed outward on her cheeks, and he peeled her open like a fruit. There, nestled between two white luscious cheeks lay the tiny pink hole. It looked like a star that twinkled from his rude touching. He could see her tiny anus spasm as his fingers moved closer to it. It began to spread open under his assault.

"Why are you touching me there?" Frances cried out when he touched her in a place that she never expected. He might want to spank her ass, but to touch such a dirty place was reprehensible, especially in front of his friends.

"I'm going to lavish such attention on that tiny, tight hole, Frances. I'll kiss, probe, penetrate and sodomize it before I'm through with you." His cock threatened to break free of his pants. He had to do something, so he reached between their bodies. He hated to desert her ass, but when his hands went between them, she was forced to arch her ass up higher. He blew shamefully on the exposed hole as he unleashed his cock from his clothes.

Frances didn't know what he was doing, but she was grateful that he abandoned touching her in such a place, but it was shameful when she felt his hot breath blow on her anus. She knew how exposed she was. She had a new problem to deal with. She felt him fumbling between them, and then, it was the hot touch of flesh on her pussy that shocked her. It had to be his prick. It was hard and long. It moved like it was a snake, shuddering along her mound with violent contractions of his muscles. She felt his hands on her hips, and she was arranged onto his prick as though she was a doll. His finger on her inner lips was disconcerting enough, but now, his large prick sought to do the same thing. His prick felt so bulbous when her lips were parted wide as it slid up her slit. This time, it didn't stop, and she felt her quim discharge juices that she never felt before. It rolled over her pleasure button with such skill that she didn't even possess. When his prick stopped moving and he lowered her buttocks down, his prick was nestled between her lips. It didn't lie still but moved with her slightest movement. She knew that would be impossible when his hands moved back to her buttocks and parted them unnaturally. Her anus began to spasm again as they expected his rude touch.

His fingers were wet from her pussy, and he began to explore her anus. Each time he touched her there she'd move and caress his cock with her pussy. It encouraged him to continue his exploration. His fingers crept to the edge of her anus and began to move slowly in a circle around the tight knot. He could feel her muscles attempt to revolt, but his fingers were too wet and powerful for her muscles to stop him. He began to open her up as his eyes took in the tight knot of her anus as it slowly opened under his attack.

"NNNNOOO, NNNOOO," she moaned, not sure if in pain, shame or pleasure. His fingers violated her backside, but her every movement to escape made his prick ride up and down her slit with such pleasure. She could feel the muscles in her quim tighten, but as they did, the ones in her anus also did as if they were connected. She never expected to feel anything but shame while being touched back there, but this was different. His fingers began to enter her. Her anal ring stretched to accept them, but she didn't feel pain. It was uncomfortable and humiliating but not painful. She hated that fact.

"What a hot, tight hole," Joseph exclaimed loudly when the tip of his finger was suddenly sucked inside, as if she pulled him in. He could see part of his finger gone, firmly secured in the tight ring of her anus. He began to press in deeper as her sphincter surrendered.

He had her squirming on his lap. His finger was inside her, not in her quim but her backside. She never felt anything like it before. It was never still, squirming from side to side as her muscles revolted and tried to keep it out unsuccessfully. She thought she was squirming to get away from her backside being invaded by his finger, but it was his prick that rubbed her quim that drew all her attention. She never felt such feelings from her body before. She couldn't describe them.

As much as he enjoyed her pussy lips encasing his cock, there was a better place for it. He had to pull his finger from her anus temporarily. His eyes watched as the tiny hole slowly shrank back down, but it was slightly swollen from his finger. He reached between their bodies as he grasped his cock. "It's time for you to give me your virgin pussy, Frances." It'd be the first of three virgin holes that he would claim for his own.

She felt the head of his prick move down her slit until it nestled against the tight opening of her virgin hole. She should protest what he was about to do, but she wanted it as much as he did. Then, she remembered what Pearl told her, reluctance. "NO, I'm a virgin," she protested loudly for all to her, but she didn't think it sounded convincing.

The head of his cock was gripped by her tight hole, but with their juices to aid him, he'd soon take her. He had to hold the shaft of his cock to keep it from bending as he pushed her down onto his rampaging cock. He felt her hymen as he continued to drive it in. He could feel it stretch, but he stopped pushing. She'd be the one that took her hymen.

She knew that her virginity would be gone in seconds as she braced for the pain.

His other hand slid back onto her ass and in her crack. He could feel her tense up for the inevitable. He pushed his thumb down on her anus. He felt her muscles contract, and then, he plunged his thumb in unmercifully. He didn't stop until he was knuckle deep in her rectum. But it was her shrill cry and her uncontrollable movement that brought him his ultimate pleasure.

She felt a finger on her anus, but she concentrated on his prick that sought entrance to her quim. It caught her unprepared. "NNNNOOOO! OOOWWWWWW!" His finger plunged in her backside with such ferocity. It felt like a bat was shoved in, and she reacted to the cruel invasion by trying to escape it. Unfortunately, her body moved away from it, and she was met by his insistent prick in her quim. Her body jerked in pain then pushed back when her hymen was torn. He'd cruelly made her take her own virginity. Now, she was caught between two invaders. The one in her quim pushed in deeper, slick with her virgin blood. The one in her anus felt so big and thick...

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