Blood of the First Night Part 1 by Jack Allen

They Will Need Him To Help Their Sisters On Their First Night!

The story of the bisexual adventures of Clay Demming, a young man in college with a special gift that the college girls find irresistible. Even his gay room mate longs to get to know him better. He would love it if Clay paid some attention to him, if he wasn't so busy with the attention from all the other girls on campus. But Clay's girlfriend, Mary Beth, and his room mate, will have a special request for him, and they will need him to help their sisters on their first night.

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Categories:  Bisexual Erotica Bisexual ,  General Erotica General ,  Gay Male Erotica Gay Male

Publisher: Burping Frog
Author: Jack Allen
Book Size: 96 - 185 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Oct 2010

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