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Slowly, his lips curled into a very, very slight smile, a disturbingly gentle smile. Regina felt herself twitch as one of his hands released her arm and slid up, over her shoulder, brushing strands of hair away, to slowly caress the skin of her throat and chest. She was frozen as he traced the thin metal choker that formed the neckline of her costume, following the thin wisp of scarlet fabric down her chest to the swelling rise of her breast. Pushing the fabric aside, his other hand went around her back and pushed her against his chest. He bent his head towards her exposed breast and, as he lifted her up slightly, pressed his lips against her flesh. She groaned softly, the moist warmth of his lips sending little shivers through her entire body. She felt the soft flesh between her legs twitch and swell slightly, heat flushing through her.

He began to kiss and suck at her skin, scraping his teeth along it.

Regina squirmed a little, her hands sliding over his arms and up his shoulders.

The laughter of his entourage had deepened into a low, wicked murmur, vaguely disturbing to her, but she wasn't certain why.

His lips found the soft, smooth flesh of her nipple and she stiffened a little, gasping as new sensations of pleasure filled her. Jeron sucked it into his mouth and played with it a little, swirling his tongue over her skin and teasing her until the tip hardened into a tight little nub. Regina moaned, sliding her fingers into his thick, silky hair.

One large hand found her breast, cupping it and pushing it up, squeezing it slightly as Jeron lifted his head. Sliding his kisses up to the full flesh just above her nipple, he sucked her skin into his mouth and drove his sharp teeth into her.

She stiffened, gasping, shock and pleasure mixing in an intoxicating brew of even deeper pleasure as she felt Jeron's tongue slide over the wound he'd made and lick up the blood that began leaking out. He continued to suck on her, drawing even more blood from her as he did so, deepening the slashes his teeth had made occasionally to keep the blood flowing.

Regina's body began to tingle, at first softly, building as Jeron continued to draw on the blood trickling from her body. She groaned again, feeling lightheaded and almost drunken, heat racing through her blood, building deep within her, until it was as though she were being consumed by an ecstasy of liquid fire. She moaned again, feeling herself slipping, only to be caught up in his strong arms and pulled down with him as he moved his lips up her chest to her throat.

"You sure you want to do that, sir?" Deka said in a voice that seemed a long way off. "Here, I mean?"

"Hm?" Jeron said in a rather thick voice. "What?"

"Maybe we ought to head to your quarters if you're thinking about some serious bloodletting."


Jeron gazed down into her face. She looked up at him with a kind of half-drunk smile that made him smile back at her. "Does that sound good to you?"

"Yes, Master," she said without hesitation. "More please." He chuckled softly. Darkly. She loved the sound of it.

"Very well then," he said, glancing at Deka. "We'll continue this in my quarters." He stood, swinging her up into his arms as he did so.

Looking up at Jeron, all Regina knew is that she needed him to suck her again, that she needed him to do whatever he wanted to with her and that she wanted him like she'd never wanted anyone before. She couldn't ever imagine being with anyone else.

He was right. He was her Master.

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