Birchmont Academy by Steven Drukker

Each Recalcitrant Girl Is Sentenced To Spend 90 Days In Unbelievable Bondage...

The Academy is a dreadful place for all who enter its doors! Here discipline is rigid, enforced with public humiliation of standing half naked for an hour, wrists handcuffed behind the back, for all to see and taunt before entering the terrible Headmaster's office and his even more terrible Punishment Room! For persistent offenders there is the awesome threat of the annex, where each recalcitrant girl is sentenced to spend 90 days in unbelievable bondage and suffering!

Into this heated world of bondage, restrictive clothing, posture training and latex, comes innocent Janet, new secretary/PA to the fearsome Headmaster of the Academy. Day by day, step by step, she is drawn into his trap, finding herself testing strange posture training equipment, wearing hobble skirts and anal trainers until the day he affixes a bronze dildo to her seat and brackets under the desk, requiring her to sit on it and raise her legs into the clamps … for Janet there is no turning back. And she knows that one day she too will enter the annex for further training …

Style: Male Dom - M/F,Sex Slavery / Training

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Steven Drukker
Book Size: 42,000 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Jan, 2018

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