Biker! by Jane Gallion

"Biker Was Great! I Loved It," Said Sf Writer Theodore Sturgeon

The US has become a wasteland of destruction in the aftermath of a savage war. Brutal biker gangs infest the cities and roam the wilderness, taking what they want, destroying whatever they touch, doing as they please with the helpless, and slaughtering the innocent--when they can find any.

To these men, women are property, drugs are legal tender, and anything goes. But one woman gets tired of being used. Before Feather's captors can utterly destroy her, she escapes the nightmare, steals an unguarded bike and runs, in search of freedom and vengeance. Biker turns a pitiless spotlight on her lonely journey, and her desperate search for a love she can't bring herself to believe in but can't quite give up. "Honest and perceptive erotica, a nightmare journey," Michael Perkins.

Note from introduction of book:

Out-of-print and unavailable for more than three decades, here is one of the most acclaimed erotic novels of our time.

Jane Gallion's Biker is a gender-reversal on a stock sci-fi cliché: the heroic, loner male who rides his Harley through the chaotic landscape of a post-apocalyptic America. It opens with a bang - a gangbang in fact. But everyone realized that here wasn't just another woman's fantasy, but the truth about sex as it is still experienced all too often by all too many women.

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Category:  Sci-Fi Erotica Sci-Fi

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Jane Gallion
ISBN: 1-58873-033-6
Book Size: 123 - 226 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2001

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