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Wicked Pleasures And Dangerous Dreams!

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Sweeping me into his arms, he carried me to the bedroom, and by the time he laid me down on the silk sheets, I was ready to admit that I enjoyed the way he was making me feel. Carefully he removed my panties and bra, leaving me in a garter belt and stalking. Standing back, he slowly removed all of his clothes, teasing me with the flesh I longed to explore. Few things gave me more pleasure then to run my hands over his heated flesh, to feel his body trembled with each touch.

Moving to kneel on the bed, he gently parted my black silk clad thighs, and settled his weight between them, his cock resting near, but teasingly far away.

"Breast," he explained, cupping my small breasts in his hands, "Do you know love, that the French believe that a woman's breast should fill a champagne glass, no more, no less. They think that the nipple should be small, and sit centered on the breast. Looking at your breasts mon amour, I very much agree. Perfection." Sucking one of my hardened nipples into his mouth, he bite down and with a gasp, I arched into his touch, craving more. He knew just where to touch to please me.

"Nipple," he murmured, "Mamelon." Working his way down my stomach, he whispered the words for parts of my flesh, from breast to stomach, navel to pussy. Caressing my bare mound, he looked up at me and smiled. My breathing already heavy from his loving I gasped, sure of what he was about to do. Lowering his head, he flicked my clit with his tongue, and then sucked it slowly into his mouth.

With a moan, I thrust my hips against his mouth, desperate for more. Threading my fingers through his hair, I tried to pull him up to me, to convince him to thrust his cock into me.

Grasping my wrists, he pulled away.

"No." Moving over my body, he placed my hands behind my head. "They are to stay there." Locking my fingers, I vaguely wondered how I would manage that.

Moving back down my body, he took his sweet time, trailing kisses over my breasts and stomach and stopping to dip his tongue into my navel.

Arriving back at my quivering pussy, he gently parted the lips, and pressed a kiss to my center. "I think I love this most, mon amour, this part of you. So soft, so fragrant, and only for me. I love knowing that I was your first, your only lover. That your flesh knows my touch so well, that just a kiss to your shoulder causes your sweet pussy to drip its essence, craving to be filled with my cock."

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