Read excerpt: Back to the Parlour by Bella Rae


I Smile As I Picture In My Mind What Tom Is Going To Do To Me. I'm Wet Just Thinking About It!

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I am back in the parlour. Again. I still don't know why I do this. Sure, the money's good, but it's not that. It's that deranged desire. It must be. Normal people don't do this kind of thing for fun. Normal people do not get off on having the shit spanked out of them, for the sexual gratification of random men that they do not know. Not that I need the random men watching to turn me on. Just the thought of Tom spanking/torturing me (either with or without the random men, doesn't bother me either way) fills me with excitement as much as it fills me with dread. It's not just Tom's drop-dead-gorgeous good looks that excite me, either. And Tom is good looking. I've never seen a finer specimen of manhood. Tall, broad-shouldered, well-muscled, toned, fit... he truly does look sexy. Cropped blonde hair, square jaw... he is the epitome of masculinity. And he knows how to give an orgasm!

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