Abuse Of Power - Taken by the Karinovs by Dan Bruce

Two Beautiful Sisters Are Snared By The Chief Of Police!

Abuse of Power is a way of life for Yuri Karinov - Chief of Police in the old Eastern Block state of Mordavia. He has terrorised the civilian population for years, and now with the opening up of the country as it embraces the West, foreign women are falling prey to his evil ways.

In this first installment of tales of woe at the hands of a master sadist, two beautiful British sisters find out how abusive and powerful Yuri can be. Aided by Dimitri, his deceptively charming nephew, Chief Karinov snares these gorgeous creatures in his web of power with trumped up charges of drugs trafficking. He then divides and conquers; abusing each woman in turn, manipulating mind and body to take what he wants.

They are spied on in their hotel as they undress and shower; they are strip searched at the airport and made to come. A virgin is discovered and ultimately deflowered, but not before her blood has flowed from elsewhere. A jaw stretcher will be used as a throat is abused, and electrodes come into play whilst a confession is extracted. They will experience the whip, the belt and the knife; clamps and plenty of slaps. Flesh will be flayed and flesh will be pierced, and flesh will be ravaged and thoroughly fucked.

And as a little aside when a corrupt British Embassy official is visiting to check on the welfare of the prisoners; an experiment in corporal punishment is conducted as a means to silence his report a local girl will be flogged with a variety of implements whilst draped over the official's obliging lap.

There are so many ways Yuri flexes his muscle as he goes about his business of law enforcement, and all are shocking examples of his... ABUSE OF POWER

Note - Whilst this is the first book in the series of 'ABUSE OF POWER' books, it is totally stand alone and can be read independently of the others.

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Firm Hand Books
Author: Dan Bruce
Book Size: 35,400 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2009

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