A Proper English Lass - Submissive In Training 2 by Valentine Adams

Second In The Bestselling Series Submissive In Training!

Second in the Bestselling series! Blue Leaf Academy founded in 1890 serves as a finishing school designed to train young women, of less than perfect background and with poor prospects, to become the proper companions for well-to-do and discriminating gentlemen.

There is also the occasional child of formerly well to do parents who have fallen on hard times. What with liberation of the female of the species, it would probably be assumed that there would be no more girls who were interested in becoming "kept women" in the Victorian sense, but the experience of the Academy suggest quite the opposite as being the true case.

There is a waiting list of potential candidates and the client list is three years long at present. Administered by a faculty specifically trained in the unusual pursuits focused upon by the Academy, the course of study is an eighteen-month program, which includes a curriculum of courses to train in Basic dress, Dressing for play, Proper use of fragrance and cosmetics, Conversation, Being the proper hostess, Entertaining for the master of the house, Attitudes, Appreciation in the Arts, Grammar/language, and Sex.

There is a special emphasis on training in the arts of satisfying the client's every whim and desire. Follow what happens to one young woman who finds herself being trained to act like a proper english lass - whether she likes it or not!

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  General Erotica General

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Valentine Adams
ISBN: 9781600890239
Book Size: 49 -122 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Jan 23, 2009

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