A Deserved Descent - Book Two by Clare Penne

From A Harmless Desire To Dress En-Femme From Time To Time As "Donna"...

The author of the massively popular femdom ebook: "My Passage to Womanhood" gives us book-two of his well-received tale of a husband who has his deepest fantasies brought to life by a suddenly adventurous wife.

The lid of the box has been well and truly opened and "Pandora" is now in complete charge of its contents and how they are disbursed.

From a harmless desire to dress en-femme from time to time as "Donna", our hapless husband is now an obedient cuckold who finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into a world of transexuality and submission he finds impossible to escape unless he wishes to lose the wife who remains the love of his life.

But how far will Amy go with her new found power?

As far as she possibly can is the answer.

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Categories:  Femdoms Erotica Femdoms ,  Transgender Erotica Transgender

Publisher: Femdom Cave
Author: Clare Penne
Book Size: 69,846 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2012

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