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This Weeks Pick Of The Bunch!

Orgasm by DrkFetyshNyghts
Orgasm by DrkFetyshNyghts

Price: £4.54 ($ 6.45)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

There Were People Out There Ready To Exploit Dripping, Orgasm Addicted Sluts Like Her...
Chantelle, a typical teenager about to spill into young womanhood. She always knew there was something 'different' about her. Those sensations between her legs that she had been having and that had...

Plantation Punishment by Rick Adams
Plantation Punishment by Rick Adams

Price: £4.54 ($ 6.45)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Raised Skirts And Beautiful Women Who Need The Smack Of Firm Governance!
Percy Ashton is a man who knows how to control and discipline women! He has just sold a plantation on which he controlled two hundred slaves and now he is offered the post of curator of a special...


Featured Erotic eBooks

The Keyholder by Claire Thompson

The Keyholder by Claire ThompsonA Seven-Week Nightmare Of Intense Captivity At The Hands Of A Dangerous...
Abducted by an evil Master Keyholder - rescued by the Dom of her dreams…

Eva Sandler's dream job as a house submissive at Hawthorne Dungeon becomes a seven-week... More

Price: £2.57 ($ 3.65)

Deadly Escapes by John Savage

Deadly Escapes by John SavageWill They Trap The Saboteur At An Important Competition, Or Will This Be Elena's Last Performance?
Some men (and some women) may think it’s very erotic to see a scantily clad young woman tied tightly. Some young women may find it very erotic to be scantily clad and tied... More

Price: £3.79 ($ 5.38)

Vanishing Virgins by Roger Hastings

Vanishing Virgins by Roger HastingsA Stirring Plot, Well-Drawn Characters - Everything To Titillate Readers Who Love The Extremes Of S&M Erotica!
Moments before her wedding, the young bride, Edith Odette, is swept from the chapel by unknown assailants. The proud but whimpering daughter of a London judge is held captive at... More

Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

Beatrice - My Husband, My Sissy by Stella Fyre

Beatrice - My Husband, My Sissy by Stella FyreShe Even Set Up Their Cellar As A Fully Equipped Dungeon And...
Beatrice knew everything about David's deepest, darkest, kinky desires, and she was enjoying dominating him. She even set up their cellar as a fully equipped dungeon and took... More

Price: £3.75 ($ 5.32)

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