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This Weeks Pick Of The Bunch!

A Good Neighbor by Shooter3704
A Good Neighbor by Shooter3704

Price: £2.79 ($ 4.67)  -  Category Interracial

I Discovered Something About The Neighbors That...
It all started because my wife wanted to be a good neighbor. The couple who lived across the street from us had a dog. They also had a desire to travel and the mutt wasn't part of their travel...

Welcome to The Dark Side by Dan Bruce
Welcome to The Dark Side by Dan Bruce

Price: £2.99 ($ 5.00)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Firsts Steps To The Dark Side - From School To An Exclusive BDSM Club!
It's the start of a journey for Stella Marshall - a journey that will take her from an elite school for girls to the dark side of life in the heart of London. In this first book in the series...


Featured Erotic eBooks

The Fantasy Machine by John Savage

The Fantasy Machine by John SavageIt's A Whole New Experience, Awakening The Submissive Side Of Her Sexuality That She Had Hardly Realized Existed!
Fantasies Incorporated can provide whatever fantasy you desire. Just select from hundreds of pre-programmed fantasies, lie on a couch while the technicians attach the... More

Price: £3.49 ($ 5.84)

The Ds Blog by The Discerning Dom

The Ds Blog by The Discerning DomIs Kneeling On The Floor What An Independent, Self-Respecting Woman Ought To Be Doing?
What are the seven types of submissive women? Why do we get pleasure from inflicting or receiving pain? How can you make your partner more dominant? Which implement is best for... More

Price: £5.79 ($ 9.68)

The Lodge by Gregory Allen

The Lodge by Gregory AllenHe Willingly Endures Intense Humiliation And Punishment To Remain Graced As Destiny's Favorite Club Customer!
Paul is clipped by Destiny, his favorite dancer at The Lodge, a club where the entertainers carry leashes and target patrons wearing collars to lead to the private dance area.... More

Price: £3.99 ($ 6.67)

Petified Dolls by Richard Carradine

Petified Dolls by Richard CarradineModified, Whipped, Pierced, Used As Pony Girls - The Girls Endure It All For The Sake Of The Man Who Owns Them!
Kidnapped girls, specially chosen, are turned into petified dolls, altered, brainwashed, conditioned to obey their new masters in every possible way.

The stories... More

Price: £4.05 ($ 6.77)

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